Hey there! I'm Alana Lindenfeld.

I'm a traveling wedding photographer living in Chicago who loves hiking and being outdoors, from the mountains to the beach and everything else. I love the simple pleasures in life, like local coffeeshops and cocktail bars, warm fuzzy socks, and watching my houseplants grow while I add to my collection (ya know, to replace the ones I killed...). I've also been lucky enough to have clients across the country, including NYC, Florida, Nashville, Louisville, St. Louis, San Francisco, LA, and of course right here at home in Chicago.

I love truly connecting with all my clients, whether that means talking about the latest Netflix craze, getting a drink (or a few) together, or sending each other pictures of our dogs. During your session, we'll chat while I guide you through a variety of fun and natural poses that leave you laughing all day long, and leave you more eager than ever to see your final photos.

My favorite people to work with are the ones who come ready to have fun and do whatever it takes for "the shot." I'm definitely a sucker for beautiful light and scenery, even when it takes an hour hike to get to it, and capturing super dreamy images that are not only visually stunning, but that bring back the memories for years to come of that milestone in your life, whatever it may be.