Hey there! I'm Alana Lindenfeld.

I'm a Chicago wedding photographer, also serving NYC, Cincinnati, and beyond, who loves hiking and being outdoors, from the mountains to the beach and everything else. I love the simple pleasures in life, like local coffeeshops and cocktail bars, warm fuzzy socks, and watching my houseplants grow while I add to my collection (ya know, to replace the ones I killed...). I've also been lucky enough to have clients across the country, including NYC, Florida, Nashville, Louisville, St. Louis, San Francisco, LA, and of course right here at home in Chicago.

I'm all about "curated candids"--making sure those authentic interactions are being caught with intentionality: perfect lighting, a clear background, and sharp focus. I'll ease you through natural-feeling and looking "poses," and plan your wedding day timeline to fit in all the moments that are important to you.

Taking beautiful photos is literally my job title--if I can't do that, I shouldn't call myself a wedding photographer. I care about getting to know you and providing the best client experience you could possibly hope for. Maybe even better.