Back in September, Amanda + Ben had the most beautiful California vineyard wedding at Pennyroyal Farm. The day after, I was lucky enough to get these two in front of my camera again for some extra pictures of them together in the breathtaking California Redwoods.

Young couple eloping the Northern California Redwoods and walking away from us on a log

I love all the ferns on the ground, the fallen trees, and the light peaking through the Redwoods that stood so tall above us as we wandered through the forest.

Bride and Groom standing back to back and leaning their heads on each others shoulders with closed eyes in the Redwoods

Wondering how to fit so many pictures into your wedding day timeline?

Chances are, you don't. Maybe the lighting is perfect all day long, and maybe you have the best wedding party and almost-spouse in the world who will get ready hours and hours before they need to...but maybe you just want to relax on your wedding day and worry about looking perfect for photos later.

Doing another shoot the day after the wedding for some bridal portraits and couples pictures is ALWAYS a good idea in my book. You have control over the lighting, timing, you can fit in another location or two, and you get to triple-check your hair and makeup! Woot woot!

Groom dipping bride in wedding dress for a kiss in the Northern California Redwoods at sunrise

On the wedding day, only Ben got pictures in the Redwoods with his groomsmen, so it was awesome to be able to go back and get some more wedding pictures in the Redwoods with just Amanda + Ben.

young married couple in the California Redwoods walking across a fallen tree as the groom leads and bride looks back
groom in Navy suit leading bride in white wedding dress and hat across a fallen tree in the Northern California Redwoods

Since this was my first time in California, I was pretty much breathing in as deeply as I could and soaking up that fresh forest scent--ya know the one where the air is cool, but it feels good, and a jacket is perfect in the morning then gets to be a little too much once you start walking and finding the beams of sunlight in the woods? Yeah. perfection.

Nature is my jam, so getting to take wedding pictures of a gorgeous couple in the California Redwoods was like a dream come true.

groom in navy suit and bride in wedding dress and white hat interlocking arms and hugging her from behind in Redwoods
Young married couple in California Redwoods hugging from behind and standing in the middle of the road

And you KNOW I didn't let the magical light outside of the Redwoods area go to waste either. Tall trees require a wide angle lens to really get the whole pun intended...but these cuties needed a fewwwww more close up portraits when they looked this perfect, so that's exactly what they got.

young married couple in wedding clothes standing in the road in a California Redwoods park at sunrise

If you're a fashionista like Amanda is, getting extra pictures taken the day after the wedding gives you the perfect chance to wear a different dress, add a cute hat and some different earrings + shoes like she did, or just dress up in your fancy-a** wedding dress one more time!

Groom in navy suit and bride in wedding dress and white hat lean up against a huge California Redwood tree

And yeah, the trees look tall no matter what--but you don't really realize just how big they are until you're right up next to them, leaning your head back as far as you possibly can to see them disappear into the sky.

young married couple in navy suit and white dress and hat leaning against a Redwood tree and kissing

Since Ben got a few pictures of himself alone in the Redwoods on the wedding day, it was only fair that Amanda got a few more of herself in the Redwoods, too. Taken by me. But also taken by Ben. So naturally, I took pictures of Ben taking pictures of Amanda. Oh, to have the best Instagram husband 😂.

groom in navy suit is taking picture of his bride in the California Redwoods on their wedding day
back view of dark haired woman in white wedding dress and white hat in the California Redwoods on wedding day
groom in navy suit is taking picture of his bride in the California Redwoods on their wedding day

Aaaaaaand he took a few of me, too :) (Ignore the poor screenshot quality because I can't find it in my camera roll anywhere). Wanna see more of my face or all the other faces I take pictures of in rad locations? Follow me on Instagram!

girl in blue denim jacket and black leggings with a canvas backpack in the California Redwoods to photograph a wedding

So if you're wondering whether or not you should take a few extra pictures the day after your wedding like these two did, the answer is almost always a yes. If it's a no, it's because you did extra photos before the wedding ;)

If you want to book your very own day-after-the-wedding pictures in Chicago, California, New York, or basically anywhere else (I'm always down to travel!), reach out here!

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