Audrey and Will's barn wedding at The Shepard Place in Casstown, Ohio was the perfect cozy, chilly, fall day in November full of joy and smiling faces.

If you don't remember Audrey and Will's NYC-inspired engagement session on the Roebling Bridge in downtown Cincinnati, you'll want to check that out first! Their wedding, however, was on a much colder day in November, full of orange trees, blue skies, and red lipstick.

Audrey and Will's friends from NYC, amongst other places, came to visit for their wedding. It was both a reunion for their friends, a celebration with family, and a party with pretty much everyone there. Grandma was dancing more than I ever could without hearing my knees pop (lol), Audrey's bridesmaids were allllll over that YMCA dance, and Will's mother even cried while dancing with him for their mother-son dance. If there was one highlight from this wedding, the amount of dancing was it, from kids to grandparents and everyone in between. Audrey's dress was of course perfect for all that spinning around, and her fur jacket and rhinestone shoes added the perfect pop of glitter and texture for their cozy fall wedding in Ohio.

all white house with blue cloudy sky - the Shepard's Place in Ohio
sparkly rhinestone wedding heels on top of wedding veil with wedding rings
purple and red calalily wedding bouquet with rhinestone heels and wedding veil for fall wedding
three wedding bands on a white lace veil for fall November wedding in Chicago
gold rhinestone wedding shoes with bouquet, veil, and wedding rings

I absolutely loved getting to photograph all of her details with the lace from her dress, the sparkly shoes, and their rings. All the white from this wedding in the details and portraits is giving me liiiiiife!

Plus, Audrey can ROCK a red lipstick like nobody else, which stood out even more with her all-white outfit and the fall colors surrounding her during their portraits.

mother of the bride's hands buttoning back of wedding dress
mother of the bride buttoning up bride's wedding dress in an all white room
bride in red lipstick and clear glasses smiling wide in her wedding dress
bride in wedding dress fixing mother's black fur shawl for fall wedding in Chicago
barrel for cards with the bride and grooms name on it
chocolate cake with red and purple flowers and bride and groom initials on top
BAR sign at cozy fall farm wedding in Ohio
white pumpkins with A and W initials on them for the bride and groom's fall barn wedding in Ohio
interior of the Shepard's Place barn wedding venue in Ohio
hanging greenery from ladder at Shepard's Place barn wedding venue in Ohio
groom hugging his mother before wedding ceremony
groom and mother of the groom walking down the wedding aisle
bride and groom walking down the aisle at Shepard's Place barn wedding in Ohio
father of the bride hugging bride at the end of the aisle

It was the sweetest thing to see Audrey walking down the aisle with her grandfather and listening to him pray before everyone at the start of the ceremony. I think it was a picture for the books, and everyone else agreed.

bride smiling at her grandfather before they pray for their fall barn wedding in Ohio
grandpa and bride praying and holding hands before the wedding ceremony
bride and groom standing at the alter in barn
bride smiles at groom at wedding later in barn wedding
bride and groom hugging and kissing at the alter after bring pronounced husband and wife

Y'all already know that portraits are my favorite part of the wedding day...

These all-white wedding portraits are SO amazing!!! I knew as soon as I pulled up to the Shepard Place that I wanted pictures of Audrey and Will in front of the white barn. It makes the red and white wedding flowers pop, Will in his black suit stand out a little more, and makes the day look so bright and happy (which it obviously was, and you'll get more of that vibe in the reception photos). Black and white is such a classic combo, and as much as I LOVE colorful wedding pictures, letting these two shine with a more plain background is 100% something I stand behind.

bride and groom holding hands in front of white barn with white garage door
bride and groom holding hands looking in opposite directions in front of a white barn and garage
bride in red lipstick smiling at groom in purple tie while they hold purple and red wedding bouquet
bride and groom snuggling outside white barn
close up of red and purple wedding bouquet with bride and groom holding it

The white buildings were perfect with the fall colors for these wedding portraits.

I'm usually a big fan of summer and spring greens, but the way these oranges popped against the white building everywhere + complemented the flowers and lipstick so well made me feel differently. It definitely has me excited for all my weddings coming up this October due to lots of Covid reschedules.

Maybe it's the purple with the orange, maybe it's the red, maybe it's literally just how freaking happy these two look that makes me love these pictures so much...but they're definitely some of my all-time favorite wedding pictures!

bride and groom hugging and smiling outside white house and brown hydrangea bush in Ohio
bride and groom walking in front of white house and orange tree at Shepard's Place wedding in Ohio
bride and groom kissing and smiling in front of orange tree at the Shepard's Place wedding
groom kissing brides forehead and bride in red lipstick closes her eyes in front of orange tree at November wedding
groom spinning bride around in white fur shawl and with red and purple bouquet in front of orange tree
bride and groom standing back to back with string quartet staggered on either side in front of orange tree
sliver of moon showing through clouds in a light blue sky at an outdoor cold barn wedding in November in Ohio

Audrey and Will's wedding reception was kept cozy from the heaters, lots of dancing and drinks, and lots of love from friends and family in town to visit and celebrate these lovebirds. It was super evident that they were madly in love and in the best way--more than just "hey you're cute"--but "hey I really am in love with you and wanna spend my entire life with you until I die" which is probably how it should be...but these two showed it.

group of 6 men hugging at the groom's outdoor fall wedding in Chicago in front of white barn
bride laughing with her father at a barn wedding in November near Cincinnati, OH
bride and groom smiling at each other during their first dance at the Shepard's Place in Ohio
bride and groom sitting back to back laughing holding shoes to play the shoe game at their barn wedding
bride and groom dancing together at the Sheperd's Place in Ohio
bride and groom smiling during their first dance at The Sheperd's Place in Ohio
bride smiling in red lipstick in the middle of crowd at her fall wedding in Chicago
bride laughing while bridesmaids dances at wedding reception at the Sheperd's Place wedding
groom dancing with his mother at his wedding with eyes closed leaning on his mom

We ended the night with some night wedding portraits under the midnight blue sky, in front of the barn everyone else was still dancing in before we did some sparklers for their grand exit. Sparkler exits are tricky, but I still love how the final photo came out. Nothing beats the absolute joy on their faces throughout this whole day. Not just the happy couple, but all the guests in attendance were absolutely overjoyed to be at this cozy fall wedding on a cold November day.

bride and groom kissing in front of white barn at night with dark blue sky and clouds
bride and groom hold hands and walk through guests holding sparklers for grand exit

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