While in New York for a wedding, I knew I had to take some beautiful New York City engagement photos in a super recognizable place--cue the Flatiron Building.

Turns out the Flatiron building was covered in scaffolding which we didn't know until we were already there--so we made it work. Even without the well known building in the background of their photos, Monica + John made this city WORK for them!!!

I've been lucky enough to shoot in lots of beautiful cities across the US, but Chicago (my home base), NYC, and San Francisco are my top three favorites. Each city is uniquely its own with different atmospheres, different ways of handling their trash (lol), and different buildings that make you say "omg, this city is so dang beautiful."

I think Chicago and NYC have similar areas, but there are a few things that are SO NYC--like these historic buildings, the original Shake Shack, and yellow taxis. So that's what I went for.

engaged couple holding hands walking through Flatiron District NYC laughing
engaged couple holding hands walking through Flatiron District NYC
man in navy suit and woman in white dress walking through Flatiron District NYC
young engaged couple in NYC walking through Madison Square Park in white dress and navy suit

Madison Square Park was the perfect starting point for M+J's Flatiron District Engagement photos.

Jumping straight into photos sprinting across the street is a bit too much for me, so starting in this cute little park was the best "warm up" that we all needed. A few cute walking photos, some kisses, and "congratulations!" from strangers walking by is always the greatest confidence booster before running through the city like you're the main characters. (Even though you always are when you're in front of my camera hahah).

interracial couple kissing in Madison Square Park, NYC
engaged couple holding hands walking through Flatiron District NYC next to yellow taxi

Running through downtown Manhattan for engagement photos is just natural when it's full of honking cars, people on skateboards and bikes, and traffic lights that only last about 15 seconds.

So they ran next to cars, across the crosswalk, through the park, past the traffic light, and everywhere in between. All while still looking super cute and put together.

*Pan to me, dripping in sweat while carrying a 30 lb camera bag* lol

Asian woman with long curled hair holding hand and looking at man in navy suit, walking through Flatiron District
man in navy suit hugging and kissing fiance in white dress at corner of streets in NYC
man and woman putting forehead together hugging as yellow taxi drives behind them in Madison Square Park
man kissing fiance on cheek in Flatiron District, NYC engagement photos

NYC engagement photos called for extra drama and romance.

Although nothing will probably ever change my style from bold and vibrant, I will also always have a place in my heart for dramatic, moody black and white photos full of movement and romance.

This next photo set is a bit different than my normal work, and these two were kind enough to keep running back and forth in the same spot, make a bunch of teeny tiny adjustments, and hold a pose until I could get my settings juuuuusssst right for these shots that I had in mind.

woman in white dress and man in suite holding hands walking through Flatiron District NYC for engagement photos
man kissing fiance with hand on her chin in black and white
woman in nude heels running through streets in NYC for engagement photos in flatiron district
Asian woman and white man laughing together for NYC downtown engagement photos
woman in white dress and man in suite holding hands running through street, view of Empire State Building behind them
man pulling fiance in by chin, kissing her in streets of Flatiron District
man with suit over his shoulder looking at woman in white dress in front of Flatiron Building NYC engagement photos

If you need outfit inspo for New York City engagement pictures, look no further.

These two showed up looking SHARPPPPP! With a simple (not plain) dress, Monica was a showstopper who stood out from the chaos of the city behind her while John was giving straight GQ vibes in his navy suit all evening long. When you have the confidence and connection these two had, you don't need a red dress or a tux to have all eyes on you.

young engaged man and woman smiling at camera in front of yellow taxis in downtown Manhattan at sunset

We took a few last photos as the city started going to sleep (or wait...it never sleeps, right?)


The sun goes down, building lights come on, and people are going to their evening plans...

We wrap up our session together and say our goodbyes--or really, our "until next times."

Thank you two for being such a pleasure to work with + meet. Congrats!

fiances in white and navy hold hands in front of building in Madison Square Park at sunset
man and woman laughing with foreheads together in front of building at dusk in Madison Square Park NYC
fiances in white and navy kissing each other in front of building in Madison Square Park at sunset
young engaged man and woman kissing in front of yellow taxis in downtown Manhattan at sunset engagement photos

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