Koray + Josephine were the first couple that I photographed when I came to Chicago a few years ago. I realllly wanted to shoot on the beach since I never had that opportunity in Cincinnati. The three of us went to North Avenue Beach for the perfect view of the blue water and the city skyline on the other side. And, we did it at the end of November - freezing! Last week, we met at at the same spot. But instead of a regular couples session, I ended up capturing an epic North Avenue Beach Chicago proposal!

man and woman stand back to back far apart on North Avenue Beach at sunset
side by side of woman turning around to see her boyfriend on one knee proposing

There is something so exciting but nerve wracking about proposals...I love being a Chicago proposal photographer because I experience allll those nervous excited feelings right along with you!

woman has hands on her face and is shocked to see boyfriend on one knee proposing
woman in teal dress with long pink hair has hands on face and looks surprised
woman is shocked to see her boyfriend on one knee proposing on North Avenue Beach

Chicago Proposal Photographer

The first photo shoot with Koray + Josephine was almost two years ago. We’ve stayed in touch the entire time through Facebook, and Koray got in touch with me recently to plan his proposal. One of the things I asked them to do during our first shoot together was have him whisper something funny in her ear. He said, “this is the closest thing to engagement pictures you’ll get!"

Tip: If you’re looking to propose to your significant other, hiring a proposal photographer is such a great way to capture the moment!

Little did she know that when she scrambled to rearrange her schedule to “help me out” by modeling for me on a Monday, she was finally going to get those engagement pictures and I was going to be a Chicago proposal photographer.

woman in teal dress covering mouth with hands since she's shocked her boyfriend is proposing

Chicago Proposal Photographer

woman and man getting engaged at North Avenue Beach
man on one knee holding hands and ring of his new fiancee on North Avenue beach

Not sure what to wear for your beach proposal or engagement session?

A long, beachy maxi dress that flows in the wind is always a safe bet. This Yvette maxi dress from Free People is great for the beach!

woman in teal tightly hugging her new fiance on North Avenue Beach Chicago

Josephine was the cutest ever. She wouldn’t stop crying and giggling and saying “what?!?!?” for at least twenty minutes afterward.

This North Avenue Beach proposal was perfect - from the amazing stormy sunset, the wind whipping through their hair, and Josephine’s ecstatic reaction - it couldn’t have been better! If I could be just a Chicago proposal photographer, I think I would do it in a heartbeat!

There are so many great places to propose in Chicago. If you're not sure where to propose in Chicago, ask a proposal or engagement photographer in Chicago for their recommendations! As a proposal photographer in Chicago, I always love North Ave Beach, but LondonHouse, some rooftop restaurants, and of course the signature room at the 95th are some of the other popular spots!

These two are truly so perfect for each other and I love them both so much! I feel honored to have been part of the proposal, and Koray truly did such a fantastic job planning it and keeping it a secret! They went off the LA the next day, which was their original vacation plan. I’m sure they've been having so much fun sharing the good news with everyone since!

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Getting in touch with a photographer is an awesome start. You can surprise your partner with a "couples photoshoot" and then let the magic happen. ;)

man hugs his pink haired fiancee

Chicago Wedding and Proposal Photographer

couple smiling at each other at night time with Chicago skyline behind them at North Avenue Beach

Proposal Photographer in Chicago

couple kissing at night at North Avenue Beach with Chicago skyline in background

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