family photo, smiling, outdoors, summer, Cincinnati OH

This was THE. MOST. FUN. Family session I've had yet! It helps that I already knew Jack from high school, and did Shannon's seniorseniorsenior pictures last year, but they were so willing to have a good time, share some laughs, and be open to all of the weird prompts I gave!

Of course getting the nice, formal family photos is always a must, but I loved throwing in a few more candid, belly-laughing photos for them, too!

family, colorful, standing, smiling, woods, Cincinnati OH
family, smiling, laughing, woods, Cincinnati OH

They have such a lovely home and surrounding property, complete with a field, a pond, and some dogs who didn't quite make the cut...they were too busy playing and running all around haha.

family, smiling, balcony, pond, summer, Cincinnati OH

Well, one dog came back for a belly rub, so I guess he did make the cut...

teenage girl, dog, belly rub, laughing, famly photos, Cincinnati OH
brother and sister, balcony, family photos, pond, summer, Cincinnati OH

In almost any situation, whether it be a wedding, family session, or senior session, I always try to make sure to get a shot of the parents alone. And as much as I love this photo, taking it was even better 🤣 If you've ever done a couples session with me, you know the prompts can get a little wacky aka hilarious. If you have a session with me coming up, get ready!! Haha.

husband and wife, family photos, smiling, summer, outdoors, Cincinnati OH

When I was in the middle of taking this one, Jack and Shannon decided to do a cute little sibling piggy back ride:

brother and sister, piggy back, family photos, smiling, outdoors, summer, Cincinnati OH

And so their parents decided to join in on the fun:

husband and wife, piggy back, family photos, laughing, outdoors, summer, Cincinnati OH

And then a full on chicken fight ensued 🤣🤣🤣 So, you can see why this was the most fun family session yet, right?

family photos, wrap around balcony, smiling, outdoors, pond, summer, Cincinnati OH
family photos, deck, pond, seated, outdoors, summer, Cincinnati OH
father and son, family photos, outdoors, smiling, summer, Cincinnati OH
teenage boy, family photos, standing on balcony, pond, outdoors, summer, Cincinnati OH

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