Conservatory wedding venues are some of my favorite venues to shoot at!

If you've followed me for a while now (or maybe you can just tell from this post alone), I LOVE color and I LOVE lots of white in my pictures. I think it feels clean and fresh and bright and light, and I even made a whole blog post on all-white wedding venues in Chicago! (There's also a post for NYC garden outdoor garden and loft wedding venues here.) This styled wedding at Krohn Conservatory and Eden Park in Cincinnati was no exception. The bright, summery colors of the bouquet by Nina's Floral Design

summer wedding bouquet with coral, pink, and yellow mixes roses and peonies against a glass conservatory window
yellow gold emerald cut engagement ring in a blue Richter and Phillips box next to some loose greenery

I wanted to make sure I got a few pictures of this gorgeous peony and rose bouquet on its own, and all the white windows and glass at Krohn Conservatory made it the perfect, easy backdrop. I took some extra greenery from the bouquet to really simply complement the yellow gold ring, that humungous rock, and of course the bold, blue ring box. As much as I love lots of bright white and airiness in my pictures, I'm a sucker for some contrast too, and the dark blue provided just the right amount.

close up of hands holding a wedding bouquet with a yellow gold wedding band and emerald cut engagement ring on.
bride in Kelly Faetanini Serafina gown holding a pink, yellow, and green wedding bouquet at Krohn Conservatory
groom kissing bride on forehead at their Krohn Conservatory Wedding while bride smiles

Why Conservatory Wedding Venues are Great

Conservatory wedding venues are a great option for people who want something a little bit non-traditional, don't want to have to spend extra money on too much decor (hellloooooooo, being surrounded by plants!), and love the feeling of openness and airiness in their wedding pictures. Krohn Conservatory is the obvious go-to in Cincinnati, but a few other awesome conservatory wedding venues in cities that I frequent are Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Palm House (more NYC garden wedding venues here!), and the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco.

Conservatory weddings invite that warm summer feeling we're always after into your wedding year-round, which makes it the ideal place to get married during off-peak season. You can save money on both the venue and the decor--two birds, one stone (and extra moolah for that honeymoon in a place that's actually warm outside at the time).

bride and groom stare into the camera in front of Krohn Conservatory for their summer wedding
bride with brown hair green eyes and hot pink lipstick wears the Kelly Faetanini Serafina gown in front of Krohn
bride in hot pink lipstick, gold and pearl dangle earrings, and pearl and gold necklace stares off to the side at Krohn
dark haired bride in KF Serafina Gown stands with hands on hips at Krohn Conservatory wedding
bride in pink lipstick, lace wedding gown, and pearl necklace in front of all white Krohn Conservatory wedding

Details, details, details.

Coleen's etherial gown peppered with flowers on the bust and down the train paired so well with pearls, which tend to be a little softer than diamonds without losing that feeling of feeling super glam and gorgeous on your wedding day. I loved to really get up close and show all the details off, and then let this lady soak up all her praise while I got a shot that showed her entire gown in front of Krohn Conservatory.

bride and groom hold hands in front of Krohn Conservatory in the summer
bride and groom hold hands and kiss cheek in front of Krohn Conservatory summer wedding
bride lays on groom's chest and they smile in front of Krohn Conservatory for summer wedding in Cincinnati
bride smiling with eyes closed while laying on groom's chest in front of Krohn Conservatory in the summer
bride and groom in gray suit kiss and walk in front of Krohn Conservatory and white hydrangea bush
bride holding pink and yellow peony wedding bouquet in front of Krohn Conservatory at summer wedding in Cincinnati
details of Kelly Faetanini Serafina gown and gold and pearl necklace on the dark haired bride

The Kelly Faetanini 'Serafina' gown from Mansion Hill Bridal

bride looking back and smiling with hands on hip in Serafina Gown and gold and pearl necklace at conservatory wedding
profile of brown haired bride wearing gold peal dangle earrings and gold pearl necklace for wedding
emerald cut diamond ring in blue box with RP next to peony, greenery, and yellow rose petals

One difference between a styled shoot versus a real wedding is the timeline--a wedding day, no matter how much extra time you schedule in, can always get behind. Plus, I want you to have fun and party at your own wedding as much a you want, which means sometimes time for pictures is a little bit more limited. Check out this post on planning your wedding day timeline.

In a styled shoot though, I pretty much get to take as much time as I want, which means lots of tiny little changes until I get the *exact* photo that I want. Even at styled shoots, things don't always come together exactly as I hope or planned for, but this one was exactly what I was hoping for. I can only say it so many times, but the all white of the venue, the color in the flowers, the details of the dress and jewelry...I love it so so much. This is one of the weddings/styled shoots that I really feel like represent what I have always wanted my style to be. There is a fine line between having bright white photos and having them so overexposed you can't see any of the details (that you as a bride or groom are paying a LOT of money for), and I feel like this shoot really gave me the time and practice on perfecting it.

Given that so many weddings are cancelled and postponed in 2020, it was really, really helpful to get some time to shoot a wedding again, even if it was a styled one. Practice never hurts, and in this case, I feel like it made my skills 10x more refined.

back of hair on brown hair bride has loose curls
brown hair bride with loose curls and half up do holding bouquet in front of juniper tree at Krohn Conservatory
bride with brown hair in loose curls smiling over her shoulder in front of white hydrangea bush at conservatory wedding
bride with wrist tattoo and pearl bracelet holding blue ring box with emerald cut diamond ring inside
Bride and groom in gray suit walking across bridge at Eden Park in Cincinnati

Also, does this bridge at Eden Park remind anyone of Bow Bridge at Central Park?

bride resting hand on grooms chest, showing her emerald cut engagement ring and his gray suit and red tie
bride in Serafina gown walks and lays on chest of groom in gray suit and red tie at Eden Park wedding
bride and groom stand together looking in opposite directions in front of bridge at Eden park
bride in Kelly Faetanini Serafina gown kissing groom in gray suit at Eden Park bridge in Cincinnati wedding
bride in Kelly faetanini Serafina gown sitting on rocks under bridge at Eden Park
brown hair bride holding yellow and pink bouquet, wearing Serafina Gown by Kelly Faetanini
peony and green leaves surround blue ring box with emerald cut engagement ring and wedding band from Richter Phillips
bride in black heels leans onto her knee, wedding dress fanned out showing off her leg
bride smiles and leans on hand under bridge at Eden Park for summer wedding in Cincinnati ohio
details of bride's lipstick, wedding dress, necklace, and engagement and wedding rings
bride leans over bridge at Eden Park showing off her ring
emerald cute diamond engagement ring and gold wedding ring in blue ring box next to greenery and yellow rose petals
Richter and Phillips emerald cut engagement and wedding rings on tip of agave plant
bride in Serafine gown and groom in gray suit holding pink and yellow bouquet looking at each other at Eden Park

Check out the awesome vendors involved in this styled wedding at Krohn Conservatory!

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