Coronavirus kinda effed things up. I mean, it really effed things up--and it sucks. But we're trying to stay positive here, and we're going to be proactive about it. Especially you, my 2021 couples!

2021 seems so far and uncertain...should I really plan a 2021 wedding? Shouldn't we wait until everything settles down a bit?

53% of 2020 weddings have moved their date.

According to The Wedding Report, nearly 53% of 2020 wedding dates have been moved (and a few more have been cancelled with uncertainty as to when they'll reschedule). With so many couples moving their date, venues are getting booked out farther than normal, and so is every other vendor.

If you're able to, start wedding planning for 2021 NOW to make sure you get one of your top vendor choices, have plenty of time to get to know them before handing your money over, and make sure they're the right person for you. Start booking now. The plus side? You'll have something to get excited about during all this craziness that's going on, even if you just start talking to them and don't book right away. You'll also have so much less planning to do later on, and you can do all the in-person things, like cake tasting, hair and makeup trial, and of course, YOUR ENGAGEMENT PICTURES!!!

I know I personally can't freaking wait to get to see my couples again and plan out their engagement locations in Chicago, NYC, California, or anywhere else, plus the perfect outfits for them, and I am having so much fun just talking and staying in good spirits knowing that next year, we'll be back to normal and wedding season will be bigger and better than ever.

But is it safe to plan a 2021 wedding right now?

Of course, I'm in this with you, and although there's no way to predict what will happen, we can definitely be hopeful and prepare for the future. A lot of vendors are offering low retainer/booking fees, flexible rescheduling, and other ways to make this way easier on YOU. So I say go for it! Start pinning away your inspiration, choosing your colors, designing your bouquet, and chatting with your awesome wedding-vendors-to-be.

If you're worried about having to reschedule, consider keeping your guest list smaller until we see how things turn out in a few months. It's always easier to invite more guests than cut them from the list later on.

Edit on 7/30/20: For now, I highly recommend keeping you guest list smaller and in the guidelines that your state or city has. For example, if you're having a wedding in a city where the guidelines right now restrict gatherings to under 50 people, only plan on inviting 50 people. If things loosen up by the time your wedding rolls around, you can always invite more people and make some adjustments to scale the wedding up--it's a lot easier than scaling it down.

Have questions and feel like you need some guidance from a wedding pro? Shoot me at email at and I can walk you through everything I know about the situation right now, along with how other vendors are handling the situation!